AKASH METAL FORMING Sir Anil Lamba , I am Writing this mail to thank you for eyeopening miraculous understanding that I have got after following your book 'ROMANCING WITH THE BALANCE SHEET'. I thank you you & Highly appreciate YOU for the same . Have a Great Day .....
For people who do not know anything about accounts and balance sheets, this is a must read. Very nicely explained.
kambhampati sri krishna sarat chandra
Great work by Anil Lamba, amazing book and important at the same time.
Aurelian Rodrigues
Bajaj Electricals Limited
Dear Anil,
“THANKYOU” very much, for the excellent co-operation and wonderful support you have extended during the year, as well as in the past. Training programmes conducted by you were very informative and knowledge – driven. Your delivery was so engrossing that we all have lost track of time. Your captivating presentation was very inspiring. By any measure you are a great speaker and a highly effective educator. We always remember your willingness to help us during our time of need. The training programmes for the current year have almost come to an end, and we have started preparing our Training calendar for the next year. We look forward for a long and fruitful association with you. It’s indeed a pleasure working with you.
G. K. Aithal Director – Training Centre
Nice book for non finance background folks.
I have just started reading this book and it seems quite interesting
ZEE TELEFILMS Dear Mr. Lamba, Just a short note to convey my sincere thanks for the wonderful training session on Friday and Saturday. Being a ‘non-finance’ man and someone who hates the subject, you really made the sessions interesting and worthwhile. I really liked the way in which you went about demystifying the subject and enjoyed being there. Looking forward to interacting with you more on the subject, in the future.
excellent book!!
Vishnu Pirasanth
Netxcell Ltd
Dear Anil,
This is brilliant piece of work. It creates the finance sense in an individual. Accounting is routine but finance sense is full of surprise and excitement. I strongly recommend "Romancing the BS" for the business school grads.
Debasis Chatterji CEO
Brilliant book.I was wondering how i did not chance upon this book earlier.Lucidly written in no non sense style.Makes complex concepts look simple.
Subramanian Seshadri
Very useful to clear your head and get your basics right.
Disha Arun Naik
The Times Group
Dear Dr. Lamba,
This to tell you how much I enjoyed the 2-day program on finance for non-finance managers. Indeed, it was a most valuable learning experience which was fun as well. I have already suggested to colleagues in other departments that they should have the benefit of such a program and have sent your visiting card to my friend, Sonia Gidwani, Director, Centrum Finance.
Once again, thank you very much indeed.
Fawzia Madni General Manager, International Marketing
If you want to get an intuitive understanding of financial statement, then this is one of the best books! I would especially recommend this book to management students who join an MBA course after completing their engineering or sciences and cannot make head or tail of the language of accounting. The language is simple, jargon free, and content is very well explained. The presentation and large font add to the simplicity of the book. One caveat however is in order: this book is about basics only, and therefore, if you already have taken a course on accounting in your undergraduate study then this book will be of little help.
Aman J
Underlying product is very good Anil Lamba's training programs are very interesting. He is able to explain the basics of accounting in very simple language that anyone from any background can understand. If the underlying product is so good, then the derivative (this book) should also be excellent.
Rohit Koshy
The book gives logical explanation on how accounting is done. You will start loving balance sheet after reading this. Book is so good that I ended up reading 6 chapters on day one.
Worth the Time and Money! An excellent read for entry level managers, entrepreneurs and traders. Without over simplifying matters, the author has conveyed the essential parameters of a balance sheet and profit and loss statement. The cash flow statement discussion is limited. If you are looking for, on how to go about building a balance sheet or profit or loss statement, this might not be the best choice. The 'Finance made easy Series' would be a better choice. The book and print quality is good.
Romancing the Balance Sheet is a nice book for starters to learn about finance in general. It explains about the various aspects of finance that affects all types of people who deal with money, including the common person. It uses the notion of balance sheet, as in accounting & finance, in order to introduce many concepts about finance which might seem like some textbook jargon initially, but turns out to be a logical conclusion derived out of common sense.

The target audience for this book, as mentioned, is any person who has an interest in knowing more about the dynamics of money and finance that affects his everyday life and business in a silent way that is undiscovered by people. All you need to know before beginning this book, is the common-sense basics of a business – profit and loss. From school students to business professionals, this book helps people of all types and makes them realise the importance of finance in their lives.

The style of writing of this book is a very unique and a casual style, unlike other books of this genre that are written in a textbook manner. Readers can easily connect and understand the topics outlined without any difficulty. A spoken style of writing, which is what is used in the book, caters well to a large audience base especially when tackling the territories of scared and unknown subject being introduced. The point of view of writing is an exploratory form, wherein the author begins as a lay man analysing the various aspects of a business and learning about finance on-the-go. The readers would relate to this point of view very well.

This book is one of the most technically-sound print media that I have ever come across. With an attractive-coloured hard-bound cover, to the laminated thick-pages, this book is also an excellent piece of art in the publishing media. All the pages are in colour, with tables, diagrams, annotations and comments wherever necessary which help the reader understand concepts quickly. The layouts are neat without any clutter, and the fonts are large enough even for my grandfather to read and comprehend!
Must Buy Book for startups I read this book after an year after reading thomas ittelson book. Anil lamba's book is very lucid and thought provoking. Must Read for any startups and business persons. Topic on Profit vs real money in hand, cost of capital are really new to me. Expecting the next book by Mr.Anil Lamba.
Satish Kumar K S
Brilliant for people who want to understand the basics of financial statementa
Yatish A
Romancing the balance sheet; chart color The version which read had color print especially the tables. The copy I received has black & white printing
Krishna Kumar
Let me be clear on this. This one's not a novel.

Excellent course for understanding a business.. thumbs up!
must read!!!!! must read for ppl who are finding finance tough to comprehend. simplistic approach and right choice of examples makes it really interesting. .
Venkatesh Sankararaman
Good Book.
The Author chooses simple language and explains the way the basics of accounting works. He emphasises how the Jargons are derived from the basics which makes it easier for the common man to get it.
Kudos to the Author..
Ivin Sam Arputhasingh
One of the best One of the best books to brush up your financial management skills...All the concepts are covered using very simple illustrations.
Abhinav Balooni
saroj kumar
Excellent Book for Finance Beginners The book as such will help a leman to under basic concepts of Finance & Accounting on how to read a balance sheet, Basic Du Pont Analysis even thaugh not in complete format. Most important undestanding the cash flow statement, Balance sheet, Working Capital Management and Break Even Analysis the foundation for any Finance person.
Harish Sankar N I
Superb explanation! This book boosted my confidence in reading balance sheets. Dr. Lamba's style makes it so easy as though it's common sense!
If you are into finance/ accounting, this book may not be your cup of tea. For the rest of the crowd, wow, an amazing book to understand how accounts are handled and why. If you're a small time businessperson, get it; if you are an equity investor, get it; if you are intrigued by finance, get it. I am into ERP implementation and got this book (the first edition) when it was listed as new arrival in a famous bookstore. I got it to get a better understanding of finance in Enterprises and this book lived up to my expectations.
Abhinay Tharwal
this is a fantastic book for non-finance people to begin. The naivity of the language amazes me
Chinmay Sonavane
While Reading this one can actually feel as if you are indeed Romancing the Balancesheet.....
Vijay Kadakia
Mr.Anil Lamba has a way of breezing through complicated finance topics which I could never get my head around during my college days. Anyone who needs a good introduction to finance should start off with this book.
Vijay Cheedaramalli
The most authentic book on financial Statements. Look no further. Whether running your own business or like reading the jargons in financial statements, you have got the best book.
Arun Changoiwala
No other book can explain the basics like this book does. The best in the market and as usual Amazon's delivery was quick!
Decent Book
A very good book.
Ajaya Khuntia

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